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From festivals & private parties to sporting & corporate events, our mobile bar hire guarantees guests are poured the perfect drink. Our portable bars are equipped to serve any drink from cocktails & prosecco to cold cider & draught beer.

From festivals & private parties to sporting & corporate events, our mobile bar hire guarantees guests are poured the perfect drink.

Mobile Bar Service

Through creative design and unique material use, our mobile bar service creates an atmosphere of a permanent structure.

Our mobile bar units have been designed to suit any setting. We provide bars that:

  • fit into small spaces
  • are boutique venues for VIP guests
  • cater for high volume events such as festivals.

Burrow Venues offer a choice of hire packages to match your event. They range from dry bar hire & fully stocked to our complete bar hire service. 

If these options aren’t right for you, we also provide a custom package that is tailored to your bespoke needs.

Mobile Bar Service for Hire


The Shebeen - Mobile Bar Hire

The Shebeen has a five meter backlit mobile bar unit and can cater for a variety of events; from private parties & corporate hospitality to large festivals & sporting events.

It is a mobile drinks bar fully equipped to serve draught products. Kitted-out with three banks of taps, it has all the bar equipment to pour the perfect pint. It also has three work stations for high volume pouring from a small area.

The Shebeen is a modular bar where multiple units can be sited together to deliver a bar of any length. Setup time and complexity is reduced, but delivery isn’t compromised, still keeping a unique bar experience for customers or guests.

Key Features

  • Quality finishes using unique materials
  • Cellar to keep the beer cold
  • Compact footprint 5m x 4m including cellar
  • Low ground impact
  • Comfortable bar height for customers and staff
  • Fully secure for multi-day events
  • Fully fitted with bottle fridges & till draws
  • Modular design
  • Brandable
The Shebeen - Backlit Mobile Bar Hire

The Burrow: Boutique Event Venue

Boutique Event Venue - The Burrow

The Burrow is our mobile boutique event venue that creates a raised internal space for guests to enjoy.

Designed to exceed the expectations of VIP customers or guests at exclusive events, to create a focal point at festivals and be the main attraction for intimate events, The Burrow creates a destination that draws in the customers.

The creative design provides a temporary venue that creates a unique atmosphere of a permanent structure. With its slate topped bar, it is perfect to serve any drink; from draught products to cocktails and mixers.

Key Features

  • Creative design and material use
  • Large enclosed area
  • Raised deck
  • Full fitted with bottle fridges, PA system, tap wall and cellar
  • High impact presence
  • Fully secure for multi day events
  • Brandable
  • Atmosphere of a permanent bar
  • Fully furnished
The Burrow Mobile Bar Unit

Mobile Bar Hire Costs

The most affordable mobile bar hire package where you provide the drinks. 

A mobile bar service where the bar is stocked with drinks chosen by you. 

Our bars are provided fully stocked and staffed to serve your drinks.

Our custom package is tailored to meet your event requirements.

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